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My Story...

My name is Robin Jacobs, I have been a hair stylist since the age of 14. From the very beginning I knew what I desired out of this business. One, I wanted to make people feel beautiful and two, I wanted to be the one that could do it all. During my years of doing hair, I always thought about all the convenience of having a beauty supply store with a salon in it. I was determined to make it a one stop shop. I preferred it to have convenience for not just the hair stylist but the clients as well.

As the world advanced and people wanted more convenience at their fingertips, I came up with the idea of having an online beauty supply store that was blacked owned with a concierge service. I often found myself in situations where I needed hair or product to do my clients hair or my kids' hair and the stores around me had very limited options and the prices were too high for me, especially for black hair care products or just hair in general. This left me with the option of having to travel 30 minutes outside of my community just to get what I needed, and it was a miracle if I could find something open on Sunday. So, that meant I had to travel further into Phoenix. Now as a mom of 5 kids, three of them being girls and an infant son. Traveling wasn't the first thing I cared to do. I just wanted to get my list of To Do's done...not add to them! I aspired to be able to place an order of the things I wanted or needed, and have it delivered to me the same day, I didn't even care if it came a few hours later I just needed it that day and I didn't want to have to pay an arm and a leg for it. 

So, with Robin's Beauti Boutique I plan to make things convenient for my local families and in the mist of helping those outside of my community. I plan to make it simple for everyone, but first I must start with my community! I promise I will do my best to think of everyone and I am always open to suggestions. As my business develops, we will expand to where everyone will get that same day love right at their fingertips. I appreciate all the love and support and I hope you have a great experience with Robin's Beauti Boutique! Love you all!!!





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